Founder + Sustainability Consultant

Eilidh McLaughlin (she/her) is a passionate and committed woman who works at the intersection of creativity and sustainability, bringing together environmental activism and cultural development.

Glaswegian born, Berlin based, she has 10+ years experience in the sustainability sector, collaborating with individuals and organisations to increase engagement, create behaviour change and implement action. Eilidh is a skilled project manager, facilitator and consultant. 

Currently Eilidh works with POLY. Artists heading up their finance and logistics department, and has developed an environmental strategy for the agency.

Eilidh is a co-founder of Clean Scene, a climate action collective exploring alternative futures for the dance music community. Through their work they aim to shift perspectives and rethink our scene’s impact on the planet.

Training + Workshops

Environmental Assessor - A Greener Festival - to become a trained environmental assessor for their Awards scheme - providingfestivals with independent audit and verification, and helping to improve resource efficiency and environmental impact.

Embodied Business Course - Yarrow Digital - a year long group coaching experience that supports starting and building a business – aligned with your values, with a focus on sustainability as well as feminist values.


Podcasts + Radio

Climate Crisis Culture podcast co-host - a conversational podcast exploring the climate crisis through personal stories, arts and culture. Friends and former colleagues Eilidh McLaughlin and Jenny Fraser Harris dissect topics which are pertinent and emotive. Delving deep into the complexities of living in the ‘era of environmental breakdown’ they untangle the issues through honest, open conversation.


CREATIVE-SUSTAINABILITY radio host - on Berlin community radio station Refuge Worldwide. Music and chat with people who are exploring the intersection of creativity, particularly music, and the climate crisis.


Guest speaker on BBC Radio Scotland - Circular Economy and Food Waste - Glasgow

Speaking Appearances

CTM Festival - Rethinking Music Ecosystems - In Search Of Greener Practices - Berlin

Are We There Yet Festival - Presentation: Creative Sustainability - Berlin

Tag Der Clubkultur: Refuge Worldwide - Panel Host: 'The climate emergency and dance music: exploring alternative futures for our community.'

Needs Not For Profit: A Virtual Discussion On Sustainability in Dance Music - panelist

Locavore - WASTE documentary - local filmmaker Matt Robinson explores various waste reduction projects happening in Glasgow's Southside

Speaking Topics

Climate change and sustainability within the music and creative industries

Circular economy, reuse and resource efficiency

Creative and systems thinking