Everything we do, everything we consume - has an impact.

CREATIVE-SUSTAINABILITY will help you work out how best to do it in a way which impacts the planet least.

We offer:

  • Project Management
  • Research + Reporting
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Energy + Resource Efficiency Advice
  • Low Carbon Travel Advice
  • Carbon Offsetting Advice
  • Sustainability Comms
  • Brand Development
  • Event Management + Organisation
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Customer Engagement


It was a pleasure to work with Eilidh and she delivered exactly what we asked for. Together we created a clear brief that fitted our budget, and she supported us in figuring out what realistic steps we could take towards sustainability and what was possible for our organisation to achieve. She understood the nature of our business and worked with all our stakeholders to get feedback and created workable documents that we can now share, this has made our steps towards greening more visible and effective.

I feel the communication was really fluid, and it was a real pleasure to work with you...Dialogue is really important to me and you’ve been a perfect communicator all the way long!

I really loved the layout and design of all the materials, it really made clear that this was being run by a creative person who would be way more likely to understand my needs and the needs of the creative industry than other sustainability advisors out there.

Your suggestions were really helpful and you had researched specific food charities that could help me, rather than just giving general advice to reach out to some. You had also thought of some things that we had not (photoshoot set sharing with local set builders), and framed it in a really encouraging way by reminding us that it would be a real community project. Often I feel disconnected from the community with the work we do so it was really nice to be reminded that there are still things we can do, however small, and it has put that back in the forefront of my mind for future planning.

Thank you for such a smart, considered, encouraging and original action plan to help our creative teams implement sustainability in the short and long-term.

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